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Who are UNITE?

Unite the Union, also known as Unite is a British and Irish Trade Union focused on the 21st-century worker. 

Unite understands the challenges facing working people of today, allowing it to be a  democratic and campaigning union. Not only does Unite provide employees with a voice within the workplace, but it also protects workers' rights and exercises trade unionism to UK employees that need help.

Unite’s reach doesn’t just stop at UK borders as it is also involved with other trade unions around the world. Its all-inclusive approach to drive change and improve rights in the workplace challenges economies on a global level and build stronger relationships between members, countries and other unions for its longevity.


Why join Unite the Union?

Unions offer their members advice, support and representation along with all sorts of other benefits, ranging from exclusive discounts from local businesses and insurance deals to education opportunities. We've listed the key benefits Unite the Union has access to below.

*As of the 2018 Trade Union Membership statistical bulletin


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Why join a union?

Finding and joining a union comes with a whole host of benefits for anyone in UK based employment. When you become a part of a group of workers that act and speak together as a single voice, your employer listens to your rights and makes changes for the better. 

We’ve highlighted a few of the top reasons below to help with your decision to find and join the union that is right for you.

Want to join? You're just a few clicks away from being a part of the worker's voice in the workplace.

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