Fixed Fee & Fixed Rate Probate Service for Union Members


When you pass away, someone will need to go through the process of probate and administer your estate (money, property, possessions, bank accounts, etc.) to make sure your loved ones receive the inheritance you intended. This can be a complex, costly and tedious task. 

Without the help of solicitors and a professional legal service to help, your loved ones will be required to deal with complex financial issues and legal proceedings, and they will need to pay fees in order to value and distribute your estate in accordance with the wishes set out in your will.

The process of probate and administering your estate will have to be paid for, and while it is an unknown cost to you as you won’t be here to pay for it, you must prepare for the process beforehand. A fixed rate for the administration of your estate is one of the ways to minimise unknown costs, bearing in mind that disbursements are always additional, unavoidable and a variable expense when administering your estate.

Probate and Estate Administration - Solicitor’s Fees

Other solicitors may initially offer you lower probate and executor fees, but they will be at variable rates and the price is likely to increase later down the line, leaving the executor (such as a family member) in the dark about the final value of the estate and inheritance when the time comes.

Unlike other legal services and solicitors, whose initial costs will inevitably increase, our fees here at Unite Wills are fixed at 0.5% plus disbursements (which will be taken from your estate upon your death) so that you always know where you stand. This fixed rate will never change, giving you the peace of mind in the knowledge that nothing more than this exact percentage will be taken from your estate to carry out probate and administer your estate when you pass away.

Rather than leaving this complicated and costly burden to one of your family members, let us help by taking care of everything for you, from the process of probate to the services of administering your estate and handling your loved ones’ inheritance in the event of your death.

You could be charged around four times more for the exact same service from companies like Beyond and Which? Wills, so head to our probate fee comparison page to see examples of how much you could save today.

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With our help and services, your loved ones won’t need to face any unexpected, high fees in the event of your death and everything will be handled by us. Our legal services are available to all Unite members, so put your mind at-ease and select our fixed fee/fixed rate Probate and Estate Administration Service when making your will online today for Unite Members!

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